Treatment for Children

1. Early treatment

in cases with narrow upper dental arch (lipbumper)

Avoiding extraction of healthy permanent teeth

(with the possible exception of wisdom teeth).

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2. Treatment of patients with retruded mandible/chin

MARA (Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance)

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Class-II-correction appliance.

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4. Treatment of patients with protruded mandible/ chin

e.g. with chin cap

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5. Child-friendly treatment with light lipbumpers (s. above)
and positioner-activators

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6. Orthodontic treatment of patients with cleft lip and/ or cleft palate

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7. Information about the possible consequences of:

thumb- and liplicking, -sucking and -biting

Treatment with myofunctional therapy

+ speech therapy and physiotherapy

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8. Diagnosis of ENT problems,

that may   potentially inhibit jaw and skull development

Collaboration with ENT doctors

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9. Treatment of patients with ectopic tooth eruption or disturbed tooth eruption

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A network of very experienced dental specialists from the Rhein-Main area is available for extensive interdisciplinary therapy.