Treatment for Adults

1. Functional and aesthetic tooth aligment.

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2. Invisible treatment modalities

  • Lingual or white ceramic brackets
  • Clear occlusal splints
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3. Pre-prosthetic treatment:

  • Space for implants/ bridges/ dentures
  • Rehabilitation of periodontally weakened teeth
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4. Therapy for jaw joint-related problems

  • Tooth grinding, tooth clenching
  • Tinnitus, ear noises
  • joint clicking, -pains
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5. Jaw joint (TMJ) diagnostics and occlusal splint therapy

Combined orthodontics and occlusal splint treatment

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6. Pre- and postsurgical orthodontics

in maxillofacial surgery cases

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7. Avoiding jaw surgery (maxillofacial surgery) in adults:

  • MARA (Mandibular Anterior Repositioning Appliance)
  • TLB (Torque-Lipbumper)
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8. Oral splints:

  • against snoring
  • against sleep apnea

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9. Distaljet

Class-II-correction appliance.

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A network of very experienced dental specialists from the Rhein-Main area is available for extensive interdisciplinary therapy. We also encourage complicated cases to be discussed during our evening workshops (Arbeitskreis) with specialists from diverse medical fields.